Kitanda has built a strong reputation for offering a wide variety of quality food products that include delightful Brazilian specialties such as the naturally gluten-free cheese bread, gourmet coffee drinks, açaí smoothies and bowls, desserts, and pastries.

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Who are we?

We are a family-owned business that has been bringing quality Brazilian products to the U.S. since 1998. We began as a small shop in the U District of Seattle and have since grown, but we have always remained family owned and operated.

Kitanda has built a strong reputation by offering a wide variety of products including delightful specialty pastries as well as our naturally  gluten-free Tapioca Cheese Bread, gourmet coffee, and our açaí bowls and smoothies. Both our coffee beans and our açaí pulps are always organic and fair trade. We use authentic and traditional family recipes in everything we do. Our mission, as a family, is to serve the American market with excellence, providing our customers with unforgettable experiences that range from a simple cup of coffee to healthy and delicious Brazilian food.

Kitanda offers catering services to parties and special occasions; please check our Catering Menu and contact us for details. 

Açaí Bowl (Açaí Na Tigela)

Açaí Bowl is a thick smoothie blended with frozen pureed açaí berry with the addition of guaraná syrup (another Amazonian berry) in a bowl, commonly topped with granola and other mixes, such as fruits. It is the most typical way to consume açaí.

It's a great breakfast, lunch, pre or post-workout!

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Cheese Bread (Pão De Queijo)

Our gluten free Cheese Breads are baked according to demand several times daily to guarantee the perfect texture and freshness. Its texture is slightly crusty on the outside and satisfyingly chewy on the inside. No need to say that this is one of our favorite menu items!

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Coffee (Café)                                

Kitanda's naturally dried and processed coffee comes from the world's largest coffee producing nation, Brazil. Our blend is masterfully roasted to bring out the unique flavors of each bean. The care taken during the harvesting and roasting shows through in this smooth and robust blend of organic Brazilian beans.

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Kirkland - Totem Lake

Espresso & Açaí

Mon - Fri open 6:30am - 7:30pm

Saturday open 7am - 6pm

Sunday open 8am - 2pm

12700 NE 124th St #2, 
Kirkland, WA 98034



Redmond - Redmond Town Center

Espresso & Açaí

Mon - Fri open 6:30am - 8pm

Saturday open 7am - 8pm

Sunday open 8am - 7pm

16349 NE 74th St. #120
Redmond, WA 98052



Seattle - Greenlake Village

Espresso & Açaí

Mon - Fri open 7am - 8pm

Saturday open 7am - 8pm

Sunday open 8am - 7pm

428 NE 71st St.
Seattle, WA 98115


Tukwila - Southcenter Mall

Espresso & Açaí

Mon - Fri open 7am - 9pm

Saturday open 7am - 9pm

Sunday open 9am - 7pm

2800 Southcenter Mall,             Seattle, WA 98188