We cater good stuff

From savory to sweet, Kitanda will cater the perfect bite for your next special occasion. We offer a selection of specialty appetizers and sweet goodies that will make your office party, birthday, game day, or any festive occasion a unique experience.



- Mini Cheese Bread Bites flavored and plain (flavors vary from time to time) -

The cheese bread makes a classic bite for any occasion. It is the same cheesy gluten-free and yeast-free bread we sell in our stores. Order them frozen to bake at home or buy them ready to eat!

- Mini Chicken Cone Bites (Coxinha) -

Let’s add some meat to the menu! As one of our most popular appetizers, the chicken cone consists of shredded seasoned chicken, covered in a soft dough and fried. Its shape is meant to resemble a chicken leg.

- Mini Cheesy Ball Bites -

We know you love cheese! The cheesy ball bites are a variation of the chicken cone. Instead of chicken, the mini cheesy balls come with a variation of cheeses, covered in a soft dough and fried.

- Mini Kibe Bites -

Originally Lebanese, the kibe (pronounced "kee-bee" in Portuguese) is a football shaped beef croquette made of bulgur wheat, fine grounded beef, mint, garlic and other seasonings. For a better taste experience, serve it with lime or dipping sauce on the side.




- Brigadeiro -

It traditionally presented as a bite size ball covered in chocolate sprinkles, with a soft and smooth texture; almost like a truffle. This is a very popular chocolate candy among our kiddos and gown ups!

- Beijinho -

Translated as “little kiss”, the beijinho has the same base as the brigadeiro. The difference is that instead of chocolate, coconut is used.