Delicious Unique Food Items

We bring naturally healthy and balanced experiences into our community's everyday routine. Whether you are gluten intolerant, vegan, or simply healthy conscious, at Kitanda you will find unique products that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds, body, and mind.

We believe that drinking coffee is an experience that goes beyond the caffeine. Our organic coffee beans are responsibly sourced in the farms of Brazil and roasted right here at our home, Seattle. 

Kitanda's famous Tapioca Cheese Breads (Pão de Queijo), are produced in our local facilities and shipped to our stores to be baked fresh daily - allowing for a perfect taste and texture. Tapioca Cheese Breads are naturally gluten-free and yeast-free!

In case you're in the mood for a something a bit more fruity and refreshing, look no further! Our nutritious Super-food Açaí bowls, are designed to provide you with the real experience of a dish that has been around the Amazonian states of Brazil long before it became widely popular. Try our vegan, gluten-free granola!

Healthy & Sustainable

  • Açaí is packed with superior nutrition from things like powerful antioxidants, healthy omegas, fiber, and vegan whole food proteins. Our açaí is sustainably grown (certified USDA ORGANIC), wild-harvested, collected and manufactured in a Fair-Trade supply chain (certified by Eco-Cert) that supports over 10,000 family farmers and protects 1.6 million acres of Amazon Rain-forest.

  • Kitanda's naturally dried and processed coffee beans come from the world's largest coffee producing nation, Brazil. The care taken during the harvesting and roasting shows through in our smooth and robust blend.