Kitanda on evening magazine

“Feel like you could use a little more samba in your step? Stop by Kitanda and order an Energy Blast Bowl...made with a fruit you may never have heard of before.”


Kitanda on the seattle times

“Brazilian cheese bread, pão de queijo, made at Kitanda in Green Lake, where they’re served plain and as sandwiches .”


Kitanda on 425 magazine

“Who says a salad has to be savory? A fruit- and grain-filled açaí bowl is the modern answer to the outdated, syrupy notion of a fruit salad.”


Kitanda On 425 Business

A new year needs a boost of energy to see all those fresh goals realized. Before you crinkle your nose at the thought of another kale-infused drink, consider a superfood that’s both tasty and colorful.


Kitanda on “Plenty of Pineapples"

Watch a video about Kitanda’s early days when we only had Kitanda Kirkland and Kitanda Redmond.


Kitanda on Seattle Refined

With summer right around the corner, what could be more refreshing than fruit? What about a smoothie? How about an açaí bowl! Take a look at our top five picks for our favorite bowl places in the greater Seattle area.


Kitanda on 425 Magazine

Kitanda’s Brazilian Cheese Bread (Paõ de Queijo) - when it comes to pastry, France gets a lion’s share of glory, and rightly so (hello, croissants). But Latin America has its own delicious twists on pastry.