We're passionate about Açaí


Açaí is a dark purple super fruit grown in the Amazon Rain Forest. It was only a few years ago that the açaí bowls and smoothies made their way from the northern Amazonian states of Brazil to other southern parts of the country, such as the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where it's become the meal of choice among many surfers. Açaí then began to gain worldwide attention and recognition due to the large amount of tourists walking along the beaches of Rio.

As a serious business that cares for our customer's well-being, KITANDA provides you with the best of this nutrition-packed fruit by serving you delicious açaí bowls and smoothies made with whole organic pulp. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to making our bowls the original and authentic way, providing our customers with the real experience of this dish.

Ask us about the Super Hero Bowl!


Energy Blast Bowl

The Energy Blast is one of Kitanda's most popular creations. This bowl incorporates a very similar flavor of what we call "bomba de açaí" (açaí bomb) in Portuguese. Bomba de açaí is a natural energy drink made of açaí as its main base, guarana syrup (another energetic amazonian treasure), peanuts, a touch of honey and a few other delicious things. This drink is popularly consumed as a pre or post work out! Our Energy Blast Bowl was created to resemble this drink in a bowl form but with the touch of a few other things such as bananas and strawberries.



Besides its delicious and unique taste, açaí is packed with healthy nutrients capable of energizing and boosting the immune and metabolic functions of the body.  At Kitanda, we like to call this powerful berry the super of all super fruits due to its rich content of antioxidants; which is more than what is found in cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry or blueberry. In addition, a long list of rich nutrients such as healthy omegas, amino acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are also found in this delicious berry.


Bringing the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to you!

As the açaí berry slowly starts to gain international recognition, Kitanda seeks to introduce it in the original way to as many people as possible. Our açaí bowls and smoothies are made with organic and fair trade açaí puree, designed to incorporate the real taste of this remarkable berry and its original culture. We use this berry's superior nutrition to create rich recipes that are flavorful, contain vegan whole food proteins, gluten free and low-glycemic.