Delicious Unique Food Items

The necessary of living in healthy ways is something that people have being talking about not only in the media, but also in scholarly works, and other sources since the world began. However, in a capitalist economy like ours, most of us are always getting food on the run, while rushing to work or sitting at our desk.

Fast breakfasts and lunch with poor nutritious values are not much of a choice for many, but instead are the only alternative many times. For that reason, we at Kitanda, serving the American market in the best way possible, with healthy and responsibly produced food items that are accessible to customers any time of the day. Be it at breakfast, lunch, or for an afternoon snack, our Açaí bowls and smoothies are great meals that have not only enough nutrients to keep you energized and satisfied for a long time, but also have an amazing exotic taste. All of our coffees are made with 100% organic Brazilian beans and can be customized with organic, soy, almond or rice milk. Going a little further, we have a selection of freshly baked gluten-free cheese breads that can be eaten either plain or stuffed (check out our menu). 

We are proud to offer a variety of unique international food items that use special ingredients (some imported from the best sources in Brazil) and recipes to replicate the authentic tastes of Brazil mixed with the taste of American pastries and gourmet coffees as well. So, next time you think about a healthy alternative on your way to work, school, or really anywhere you are, remember that Kitanda has exactly what you need to keep you going through the day.

The Healthy & Sustainable

  • Açaí is packed with superior nutrition from things like powerful antioxidants, healthy omegas, fiber and vegan whole food proteins – in recipes that are low-glycemic, gluten free, and verified non-GMO.

Sustainably grown (certified USDA ORGANIC), wild-harvested, collected and manufactured in a Fair-Trade supply chain (certified by Eco-Cert) that supports over 10,000 family farmers and protects 1.6 million acres of Amazon Rainforest.