Açaí Bowls

Traditional Bowl
Açaí, banana, topped with granola and banana.

Energy Blast Bowl
Açaí, strawberry, banana, peanuts, topped with strawberry, banana, granola, and honey.

Super Hero Bowl
Açaí, banana, spinach, 10g vanilla protein, and soy milk, topped with granola.

Tropical Bowl
Açaí, banana, coconut water, topped with dried pineapple, dried mango and granola.

Festa Bowl
Açaí, banana topped with chocolate sprinkles, shredded coconut, banana, granola, and condensed milk drizzle.


Açaí Smoothies

Traditional 12oz
Açaí and banana.

Energy Blast 16oz
Açaí, banana, strawberry, honey, and peanuts.

Super Hero 16oz
Açaí, banana, spinach, 10g vanilla protein, and soy milk.


Cheese Bread (pão de queijo)

Plain, traditional, and delicious

Mini Bites Original
4 units.

Mini Bites Flavored
4 units.

Cheese Bread Sandwiches

Caramel Spread

Cream Cheese

Romeo & Juliet
Guava paste and fresh mozzarella.

Turkey Breast and Cheese

Bacon Egg and Cheese

Coffee n' Drinks



Brazilian Latte



Chai Latte

Hot Chocolate


Single Size

Double Espresso

Cuban Espresso

Tea (any size)

Kids Cocoa

Shot, dairy, alternatives, organic milk, flavors.

Coffee Shakes

Brazilian Latte Shake

Mocha Shake

Caramel Coffee Shake

Caramel Almond Coffee Shake

Cold Drinks*

Red Bull Energizer

Passion Fruit Strawberry Tea

Passion Fruit Orange Refresher

*Seasonal only.